Women Who Tri

Women Who Tri

How does a middle-aged, out-of-shape mother of four reluctantly find herself on the starting line of a triathlon?

She lives in the epicenter of the nation's largest all-female triathlon club, and resistance is futile.

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In Women Who Tri, Alicia DiFabio explores the triathlon-mania that has gripped not just the women in her small New Jersey town, but all of America. Her journalistic memoir is both inspirational and informative as it explores the popularity, psychology, subculture, and transformative power of triathlons among "ordinary" women. Weaving together the insights of a psychologist, the research of a journalist, and the deep insecurities of a daunted newbie, Women Who Tri follows DiFabio's journey from middle-aged, out-of-shape, tired and harried nervous newcomer to triathlon finisher. But this book is neither training journal nor year-in-the-life memoir. Rather, each chapter explores a fascinating, inspiring, and sometimes controversial topic of triathlon.

Women Who Tri investigates one of the world's most challenging and inspiring sports, focusing on the group most responsible for its explosion into the mainstream—the recreational female triathlete. In addition, DiFabio offers moving profiles of over a dozen inspirational women who tri, sharing their diverse reasons for coming to triathlon and how it transformed their lives. Filled with history, humor, research, interviews, and personal narrative, Women Who Tri will entertain, enlighten and inspire any triathlon enthusiast, from tri-addict to tri-curious.

Women Who Tri: A Reluctant Athlete's Journey Into the Heart of America's Newest Obsession By Alicia DiFabio VeloPress,
Paperback. 6″ x 9″, 216 pp.